6 Ways To Increase Your Cannabis Brand with Custom Packaging



In today's cannabis market, consumers are faced with various products, all vying for their attention. So how do you build a brand that leaves a lasting impression on consumers in such a crowded space? Attractive and reliable custom packaging can help your company strengthen its brand among target consumers.
Not only is your brands packaging critical to establishing brand identity and building a loyal customer base, but it's responsible for keeping your products safe and secure. It should also help increase your sales volume and allow you to unveil new product lines in the future. Ultimately, a well-executed and managed brand translates into increased profitability.

1. Know Your Competitors

The first step is to check out your competition. What are other cannabis companies doing? What type of products are they manufacturing? Being familiar with other competing brands and their practices can help you learn more about their product and gain insight into how your product compares and where it can be positioned. Another consideration is knowing what type of product packaging they use. For example, are they using plastic packaging, and is it high quality?

2. Hire an Experienced Graphic Designer

Once you have a product to sell, opting to use some of the best and most talented artists for printing is a must. And what better way to do so than hiring experienced cannabis graphic designer(s)?
Experienced artists will help design detailed artwork for your brand that will help make your product appealing and make consumers know what they are buying. These designs would have the product's name, manufacturers, logos, information, directions, warnings, state compliancy, barcodes, QR codes etc. 

3. Appeal to Your Target Audience

Define the type of consumer you are trying to reach and tailor your message to the specific groups that meet your brand's criteria. Consider demographics such as lifestyle, age, location, and gender. Also, consider what is important to them. For example: is your target audience concerned about the environment? If so, consider packaging alternatives produced with eco-friendly materials, like kraft paper packaging. You can help decrease greenhouse gas emissions levels that are damaging our planet by changing to eco friendly packaging.

4. Convey Your Message to Consumers

The messaging on your cannabis packaging should reflect your company values, fulfill customer expectations, be eye-catching, and promote the product inside. Packaging should also convey your brand information consistently across all product lines and across all platforms, such as your website and other advertising efforts. Maintaining consistency across all consumer-facing platforms will help audience members become accustomed to your brand and trust your products.

5. Make Your Product Stand Out

Many new websites offer custom packaging. For example, DispoSupply, a cannabis packaging company, allows you to create your own packaging online. Add your brand patterns, logos, and colors to blank packaging.

Once your brand message is defined, you can choose the suitable packaging for your cannabis products. There are many crucial points to consider in the selection process. For example, if providing the freshest products to the consumer is critical,  select plastic / glass bottles and closures to ensure your product does not become stale or contaminated. If protecting consumers is part of your brand message, use bottles and closures that meet federal and state child safety regulations.

6. Follow Through

Consistent and targeted branding based on thorough research is a proven approach to creating a solid cannabis brand. A strong and recognizable brand is created when your brand message is applied to your plastic packaging across your cannabis product lines. Remember to follow through with your brand messaging on all other communication channels, such as print advertising, signs at your physical business location, website, and online marketing efforts.

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