1/8 Oz Hand-Sealing Can with Custom Labels



1/8 Oz Hand-Sealing Cans with Custom Labels


The perfect way to present your brand products, these hand sealing tin cans are the only storage method that guarantees optimal freshness. With a smell proof seal, these tins are perfect for storing or transporting products wherever they may go.


Our cans are the most secure of their kind. These airtight storage containers keep your essences fresh until you're ready to use them. They're built using nothing more than the highest quality materials and strict standards of engineering.


Why choose our self-sealing cans?

  • Ergonomic design: Designed for the discerning smoker with unique expectations, our tins are hand-sealed, creating an airtight pull switch that releases the vacuum seal with a simple touch. Furthermore, they are fitted with a lid to provide extra security. 
  • Personalize it your way: These hand-sealing canisters are perfect for storing your favorite dried herbs, tobacco, pipe tobacco, or cannabis. Put your own spin on it by adding a pattern, logo, or image to make it uniquely yours! 
  • Premium quality: With the highest freshness content available, these cans are built to perfection to keep your buds protected and resistant to UV rays. 
  • Strong construction: These recyclable cans are made with a durable design, which means they are unbreakable, so they will keep your buds safe and will last you an astoundingly long time.  

Created to fit the needs of today's top expectations, these self-sealing tins are made to exceed the standard of great packaging.


Don't wait; get yours today! 

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