CR Wide-Mouth Clear Glass Jar - 4 Oz with Custom Labels



Childproof Wide Mouth Glass Storage Jars

Vitalize your products with these pure borosilicate glass jars that feature an airtight seal for maximum freshness. Not only is this a durable glass jar, but you can customize it with a variety of labels for an elegant, yet practical addition to any product lineup.

These elegant jars accentuate your product and make it appear to be of superior quality. With reusability and recycling, you can enjoy this revolutionary glass jar year after year. Whether you're using these to dispense herb, gummies or food, they'll look great on any shelf.

What’s so great about it, anyway?

  • Premium quality: With their lightweight and durability, these exquisite glass jars are perfectly sized to fit retail items and will keep your contents at the top of their presentation. 

  • Safe to use: Made with a child proof seal, these glass jars also boast toxin free materials certified by the FSC. 

  • Personalize: The glassware can be personalized according to your brand guidelines by adding custom labels. This will give it a look that will truly stand out on retail shelves! 

There's no better way to store your product than this airtight glass jar with a durable wide mouth. With aerodynamic properties and a modern, sleek design, these jars are the perfect choice for your dispensary, CBD, hemp farm, Delta 8 business  etc. They're easy to carry and fit perfectly into most universal packaging boxes. 

You can customize this sturdy glass jar with your own label to create the elegant look you desire. 

Includes: Lid, Jar, Body Label, Top Label

Customization Options:

Body Label, Lid Label

Upload logos, images, or patterns to make a packaging masterpiece.


Air-Tight: The jars include an airtight sealing liner preventing oxidation

Child-Resistant: Our CR lid is made with a strong childproof seal allowing your product to stay compliant with state laws

Safe from Chemicals: Unlike plastic, glass does not leave behind micro-plastics that mix in with your product.

Reusable & Recyclable: The jars are recyclable and can be saved for multiple uses

Freshness Rating:

Glass jars have a 87% freshness control, very high! 

Production Time:

1,000-10,000 Jars: 5-7 days

10,000+ Jars: 7-10 Days


Safe, secure shipping. No wear or tear during handling

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